The ankh acted as an instrument of the gods for “feeding and activating” the divine soul of the new pharaoh through nose breathing. The “Breath of Life” is breathing through the nose which (re)activates and “feeds” the Soul. The deification of the new Pharaoh by the Gods by means of reactivating the Soul through the Ankh’s Life Force inhaled via nasal breathing. Preventing a “Ka-Statue” from nasal breathing is done by carefully removing the nose which results in the death of the Ka (Soul) and the elimination of the statue’s power.

Activation of the Human Soul

According to the ancient Egyptians, breathing through the nose “fed” the soul and was also known as the “Breath of Life.” The “Ankh’s Life Force” was inhaled through the nose and (re)activated and nourished the soul inside the human body, a ritual only to be performed by one of the chosen gods. Seventeenth-century philosopher and scientist René Descartes, highly interested in anatomy and physiology, believed the human pineal gland to be the “Principal Seat of the Soul.” The pineal gland is a small pinecone-shaped endocrine gland in the brain and can be associated with a light-sensing organ, known as the “pineal eye” or “third eye”, the “spiritual gateway” of the human body.

The pinecone-shaped “Seat of the Soul”

In my opinion, the Egyptian ankh, the inner shape of which also corresponds to a pinecone, and the original Mesopotamian pinecone are exactly the same divine tools serving the same purpose as what we call the “activation of the human soul” or the “spiritual enlightenment of the human consciousness,” a possible requirement for a newly appointed Pharaoh or King.

The Ankh is a tool of the mythological creator Gods which was used in combination with nose breathing in order to (re)activate the human soul, which is directly connected to the pineal gland or “seat of the soul” in the human brain. The ancient Egyptians believed that nose breathing nourished the soul. That is the reason that many noses of Ka-statues and reliefs were damaged or meticulously removed in order to prevent nose breathing which resulted in the “death” of the soul and thus the elimination of the ‘power’ of the Ka-statue which could harm the succeeding Pharaoh. Reactivating the new Pharaoh’s soul to divine status through the Ankh and nose breath was an important task of the Gods.

Primordial Sound (the Beginning) – The Five Elements (the divine Elements) – Universal Life Force (Activation of the Soul): “Creation”