22 10, 2020


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In Sanskrit, one of the twelve names for the Sun is Arka and, is one of the most ancient and prominent names for the Sun. The name Arka represents "light" and "worship" and refers to the nature and the qualities of the Sun, the Creator. The mantra that comprises the Suryā Namaskāra, the Sun [...]

16 10, 2020

Healing Fingers – Healing Touch

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The ancient Egyptian two-finger amulets depict two stylised human fingers that are about life-size and were used exclusively for the dead. These amulets were often found placed on the embalming incision, which was made during the mummification process. They are always made of black materials like obsidian or other dark hard stones and occur [...]

4 10, 2020

Communication through Sound – the Maltese ‘Ear’

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The earliest remains at the underground site of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on the island of Malta date back to about 4,000 BCE and the complex was used over a span of many centuries, up to c. 2500 BCE. The most incredible feature of this Neolithic temple complex pertains its impressive acoustic properties. Some [...]

7 04, 2020

The Venus-Pleiades conjunction – The Myth of the Seven Sisters

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Venus and Pleiades April 2020 In Australian Aboriginal art, the Pleiades and Venus are always depicted in this particular conjunction. In Australian mythology, the story of the Napaljarri-warnu Jukurrpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming) depicts the story of the seven ancestral Napaljarri sisters who are found in the night sky in the [...]

25 03, 2020

The Ankh – Tool of the Gods

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The ankh acted as an instrument of the gods for "feeding and activating" the divine soul of the new pharaoh through nose breathing. The "Breath of Life" is breathing through the nose which (re)activates and "feeds" the Soul. The deification of the new Pharaoh by the Gods by means of reactivating the Soul through [...]

4 01, 2020

The Plastic Number

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The plastic number is a special ratio in architecture with which a whole series of interrelated relationships are associated. These relationships form the basis of a theory of relationships, developed by Dutch architect, thinker and Benedictine monk Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991). Following and as an extension of the Golden Number phi (1.618…) [...]

15 12, 2019

The Temple of Hathor – The Temple of Women

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Temple of Hathor in Dendera The Temple of Hathor in Dendera is the dominant building of the Dendera temple complex and was together with the Temple of Seti I in Abydos and Saqqara one of the few places of pilgrimage of healing in Ancient Egypt. It is located on the [...]

10 07, 2019

“Melissa” – “Bee”

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In ancient mythology, the bee was considered the most sacred insect that was believed to be a messenger between our world and the spirit world and was honoured in ancient Indian, Near East and Aegean cultures for its profound magical properties and its association with ancient wisdom and purity. In ancient Greek and Minoan [...]

16 03, 2019

“Sakhra” – The “Rock”

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There is a strong connection between ancient Egypt and Canaan and Amurru as parts of the Greater Region of Mesopotamia in which Akko played an important role through the Amarna Letters or Amarna Tablets representing the diplomatic correspondence between the ancient Egyptian administration and its representatives in the Middle East during the New Kingdom, [...]

27 12, 2018

The Sacred Gift of Mother Earth

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What these and many other monuments worldwide have in common is that they are all located above an ancient sacred deep water spring (Templar's castles, ancient churches and cathedrals), an intersection of underground water lines (megalithic stone circles from the Neolithic period) or a certain pattern of underground water lines (ancient [...]

7 12, 2018

The Major Arcana of the Tarot – Greater Secrets

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The Major Arcana is a name given by occultists to the 22 picture cards of a 78-card Tarot deck. The remaining cards in the deck are known by occultists as the Minor Arcana. The word Arcana is the plural of Arcanum which means "Profound Secret" and to the alchemists of the Middle Ages, the [...]

25 11, 2018

The Mystery of the Holy Grail – Part 2. Blood and Water

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The five-letter words BLOOD, GRAIL and WATER reflect the Five Holy Wounds also known as the Five Sacred Wounds or the Five Precious Wounds in the Christian tradition that Jesus Christ suffered during the crucifixion. His blood was poured out from His five wounds on the cross and into the Earth - the "Blood [...]

23 11, 2018

The Mystery of the Holy Grail – Part 1. Sacred Water

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The Holy Grail is subject to numerous myths and legends, which makes serious research into this relic very difficult. Traditionally, the Holy Grail is thought to be the cup that Jesus Christ drank from at the famous Last Supper which is the same cup that the holy disciple Joseph of Arimathea used to collect [...]

16 11, 2018

The Mystery of Ancient Dolmens in the Netherlands

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A dolmen is defined as a single-chamber megalithic monument, usually consisting of two or more vertical megaliths supporting one or more large horizontal capstones and mostly completely covered with earth and smaller stones to form a tumulus. They date back to the early Neolithic period around 4000 - 3000 BCE and [...]

11 11, 2018

The Mystery of Ancient Stone Circles – The Deep Water Enigma

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Stone Circle at Trowlesworthy - ©Steve Cobbin - It has been estimated that around 4,000 stone circles were erected in Britain, Ireland and Brittany in a period stretching from 3300 to 900 BCE and of which 1,300 have been recorded while the rest having been destroyed over time. These [...]

20 08, 2018

The Knights Templar – Part 2. Life and Death

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The legendary "Knights Templar" Order was first established in 1118 CE by nine French knights, who founded the chivalric and religious Order of the Temple of Solomon. This Templar Order, famously comprised of its unique brand of spiritual "warrior monks", was named after the Temple of Solomon, from which the Order recovered and restored [...]

15 08, 2018

The Knights Templar – Part 1. History

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Templar, also called Knight Templar, member of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, a religious military order of knighthood established at the time of the Crusades that became a model and inspiration for other military orders. Originally founded to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, the order assumed [...]

3 08, 2018

The Great Pyramid and Electromagnetic Energy

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JULY 2018 -THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA CAN FOCUS ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY THROUGH ITS HIDDEN CHAMBERS - BREAKING NEWS? Archeologists in Egypt found that due to its shape the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy, such as radio waves, into its internal chambers and below its base -…/great-pyramid-giza-egypt-el… THAT IS EXACTLY THE [...]

8 05, 2018

It’s Official: Tut’s Tomb Has No Hidden Chambers After All

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The third radar scan of the pharaoh's burial site conclusively shows that no additional mysteries lurk immediately behind its walls   Recent radar scans of Tutankhamun's tomb conclusively prove that there are no additional chambers or passages behind the walls of the famed pharaoh's burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings, Egyptian officials [...]

19 12, 2017

Mind Over Matter-The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich

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Andrija Puharich PhD was a medical doctor, researcher, inventor, and visionary scientist. Starting in the 1940s, he was obsessed with the reaches of the human mind: he believed that our minds are capable of more than we could ever imagine. His work touched on everything from medical arts, physics, biology, psychedelic drug research, electro-chemistry, astrophysical sciences, [...]

18 02, 2017

Is there a secret chamber in king Tut’s tomb? A final hunt will investigate

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A new investigation using next-generation radar technology aims to find out once and for all if another burial lies in King Tut's tomb. The search for a secret chamber in the tomb of King Tutankhamun will resume later this year when a team of Italian researchers begin the most in-depth investigation ever of the [...]

2 11, 2016

Intriguing anomaly found inside the Great Pyramid at Giza

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Using muography, scientists find evidence of a possible hidden chamber Annalee Newitz- 10/18/2016, 10:20 PM   It could be the ultimate archaeological discovery: a previously unknown chamber lurking beneath the stones of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. Now, a team using a cutting edge imaging technique called muography has picked up signals [...]

2 11, 2016

Thermal scan of Giza pyramids may point to hidden tombs

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'Particularly impressive' heat difference detected at ground level on eastern side of largest of three pyramids, says Egypt’s antiquities ministry. Anomalies have been found in Egypt's Khufu pyramid two weeks into a thermal scanning project aimed at discovering the famed Pharaonic monument's secrets including possible hidden burial chambers, officials have said.Operation Scan Pyramids began [...]

2 11, 2017

Cosmic rays have revealed a new chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

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By Mika McKinnon - November 2, 2017 Cosmic rays may have just unveiled a hidden chamber within Egypt’s most famous pyramid. An international team led by Kunihiro Morishima at Nagoya University in Japan used muons, the high-energy particles generated when cosmic rays collide with our atmosphere, to explore inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid without moving a [...]

1 11, 2016

Water has Memory

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Water memory: a breakthrough in science Water is the key element of life as up to 70% of the human adult body is water. This incredible element that we thought we knew well may have unexpected properties and might play a role greater than we could imagine. Previously, the known key properties of water [...]

the harmony of sound

The values of the diameter of the Moon of 2,160 English statute miles and of the Sun of 864,000 statute miles are linked to musicology. The number 216 corresponds to 216 hertz as an octave of the natural attune of 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz, which is now regarded as the standard frequency of sound on which all tuning forks and musical instruments are tuned. Mid twentieth century, the 440-hertz frequency was internationally accepted as the standard musical, but unnatural keynote A. The more natural 432-hertz frequency complies with the harmonics of the universe and better suits human nature. When the A is equal to 432 hertz, then the musical note E is equal to 324 hertz with its ‘Great Octave’ being 81 hertz, the lowest E-tone playable on a musical instrument, and the fifth harmonic of the ‘Golden Frequency of Giza’ of 16.2 hertz. The relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon is based on the number 432 as a harmonious and universal constant. ‘Musica Universalis.’

The number 432 is a significant universal constant and the natural harmonic frequency of 432 hertz seems the only right choice as the standard frequency. All in perfect harmony with the universe and numerically related to the number 9, the ‘number of creation.’ All digits of these universal numbers always add up to 9 as if the number 9 is a means of control for the correctness of the specific number. This applies to all other frequencies when the natural standard frequency is 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz. The 432-hertz frequency is only 8 hertz down in frequency but a clear measurable difference in harmony, both audible and visible. The most precise musical instrument ever created is the original antique Stradivarius violin, designed to resonate at a frequency of 432 hertz, similar to all ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek instruments.

      440 hertz-tone
      432 hertz-tone
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