Mind Over Matter-The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich

//Mind Over Matter-The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich
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Mind Over Matter-The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich

Andrija Puharich PhD was a medical doctor, researcher, inventor, and visionary scientist. Starting in the 1940s, he was obsessed with the reaches of the human mind: he believed that our minds are capable of more than we could ever imagine. His work touched on everything from medical arts, physics, biology, psychedelic drug research, electro-chemistry, astrophysical sciences, engineering and quantum mechanics.

Considered too far out or too ahead of his time, Puharich delved into researching extrasensory perception (telepathy, psychokinesis). Even though his work produced groundbreaking results, he was never taken seriously and he was scorned by his academic colleagues. Why then, did some of the wealthiest families in the world privately fund Puharich’s research? Why were government agencies like the CIA and NASA secretly hiring Puharich to conduct confidential research? How did he end up inspiring the likes of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind? And why is his research still being discussed today by Nobel Prize winning academics and Pulitzer Prize nominated authors? Did Puharich know something that we don’t?
Mind Over Matter: The Mysteries of Andrija Puharich is a feature documentary that will unravel Puharich’s enigmatic life – with exclusive access to hundreds of never before seen documents, personal journals, lab papers, unreleased manuscripts, private footage and archived material from one of the most brilliant and misunderstood minds of the 20th Century. The film will also explore the complex, mysterious relationship Puharich had with his own children, all of whom have a different opinion on their father.

To many, the word ‘paranormal’  immediately conjures up images of haunted houses and ghosts. However, paranormal is defined as ” events or phenomena (such as telepathy or clairvoyance) that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.” Believe it or not, since the 1940s, intelligence agencies all over the world have spent millions of dollars researching the paranormal. In their search for answers, they initally went to one man: Dr. Andrija Puharich.

Just imagine, an esteemed medical doctor out of Northwestern University, who’s hired by top intelligence agencies, funded by some of the wealthiest families in the world, researches psychedelics before anyone else, publishes 6 books and is credited with over 50 patents, yet no one knows his real story…

For over 4 decades much of his work and material has been hidden from the public, until now. Through an important bonding relationship with Dr. Puharich’s son and a community of individuals desperate for his story and work to be shared, this film is ready to be completed – with
your help. 

Some people considered Puharich a genius, others thought he was crazy… but if spirituality, consciousness, psychedelic drug research, and the meaning of the universe sparks your interest: than you better keep reading!

“For whatever may be said against Puharich, he is certainly very intelligent, extremely well read, and highly enterprising” – Aldous Huxley, Author of Brave New World

“Puharich was like a sphinx, an enigmatic and inscrutable person. Mysterious, unreadable, impossible to fully comprehend. He was full of inventions and ideas that were far ahead of his time” – Annie Jacobsen, NY Times Best Selling Author

“Puharich plays an important role in my book about the Great Pyramid of Giza as he did a lot of research on resonance and frequencies in relation to pyramids. He put me on the right track regarding the production of hydrogen from water by means of powerful resonance” – Willem Witteveen, Author and Researcher

How this all started

My name is Greg Mallozzi, a filmmaker from Providence, Rhode Island. I have been infatuated with Andrija Puharich’s life since I was a teenager, and was always puzzled how no one had ever made a film about him. In the Fall of 2015, I set out on a mission to change that. I reached out to Puharich’s son Andy who lives in The Netherlands. We began to communicate through email and Skype. I explained to Andy my fascination with his father and my aspirations on making this documentary. Andy was hesitant at first, explaining how dozens of people over the past 2 decades have reached out to him about making a film about his dad. He never trusted these people with the story, however, all that changed after Andy and I finally met in person almost a year later.

It quickly became apparent to Andy that I was the one to make this film, once and for all. He agreed to hand over his father’s archives to me which he has held onto since his death in 1995. No one has ever seen this material before. I knew that getting Andy’s blessing, as well as receiving this highly-personal material was my calling to commit 100% to this documentary. I was the only person who could make this film a reality.

Help bring to life the story of one of the most fascinating figures of the 20th Century!

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the harmony of sound

The values of the diameter of the Moon of 2,160 English statute miles and of the Sun of 864,000 statute miles are linked to musicology. The number 216 corresponds to 216 hertz as an octave of the natural attune of 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz, which is now regarded as the standard frequency of sound on which all tuning forks and musical instruments are tuned. Mid twentieth century, the 440-hertz frequency was internationally accepted as the standard musical, but unnatural keynote A. The more natural 432-hertz frequency complies with the harmonics of the universe and better suits human nature. When the A is equal to 432 hertz, then the musical note E is equal to 324 hertz with its ‘Great Octave’ being 81 hertz, the lowest E-tone playable on a musical instrument, and the fifth harmonic of the ‘Golden Frequency of Giza’ of 16.2 hertz. The relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon is based on the number 432 as a harmonious and universal constant. ‘Musica Universalis.’

The number 432 is a significant universal constant and the natural harmonic frequency of 432 hertz seems the only right choice as the standard frequency. All in perfect harmony with the universe and numerically related to the number 9, the ‘number of creation.’ All digits of these universal numbers always add up to 9 as if the number 9 is a means of control for the correctness of the specific number. This applies to all other frequencies when the natural standard frequency is 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz. The 432-hertz frequency is only 8 hertz down in frequency but a clear measurable difference in harmony, both audible and visible. The most precise musical instrument ever created is the original antique Stradivarius violin, designed to resonate at a frequency of 432 hertz, similar to all ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek instruments.

de harmonie van klank

De diameter van de Maan van 2160 Engelse ‘statuut mijl’ en de diameter van de Zon van 864.000 mijl zijn direct gekoppeld aan de muziekwetenschap. Het getal 216 komt overeen met de 216 hertz-frequentie als een octaaf van de natuurlijke frequentie van 432 hertz in plaats van 440 hertz, die nog steeds beschouwd wordt als de standaard frequentie waarop alle stemvorken en muziekinstrumenten zijn gestemd. Halverwege de twintigste eeuw werd de 440 hertz frequentie internationaal aanvaard als de standaard muziek- of kamertoon A. De meer natuurlijke frequentie van 432 hertz is echter gebaseerd op de harmonie van het universum en past veel beter bij de menselijke natuur. Als de A gelijk zou zijn aan 432 hertz, dan zou de bijbehorende muziektoon E gelijk zijn aan 324 hertz waarvan het zogenaamde ‘Groot Octaaf’ dan weer gelijk is aan 81 hertz, de laagste E-toon die door een muziekinstrument kan worden gespeeld en is tegelijkertijd de ‘vijfde harmonische’ van de ‘Gulden Frequentie van Gizeh’ van 16.2 hertz. Het verband tussen de Zon, Aarde en de Maan berust op het getal 432 als harmonische en universele constante. ‘Musica Universalis.’

Het getal 432 is een significante universele constante en de natuurlijke harmonische frequentie van 432 hertz is daarom de enige juiste keuze voor de te gebruiken standaard frequentie in de muziek. In perfecte harmonie met het universum en numeriek opgeteld gelijk aan het cijfer 9, een belangrijk scheppingsgetal. Alle afzonderlijke cijfers van deze universele getallen zijn opgeteld altijd gelijk aan 9 alsof het cijfer 9 een controlemiddel is voor de juistheid van het betreffende getal. Dit geldt voor alle frequenties als de natuurlijke standaardfrequentie gelijk is aan 432 hertz in plaats van 440 hertz. De 432 hertz-frequentie is maar 8 hertz lager in toon en toch is er een duidelijk verschil, zowel hoorbaar als zichtbaar via zijn waterklankbeeld. Het meest nauwkeurige muziekinstrument ooit gemaakt is de originele Stradivarius viool die is ontworpen om te resoneren op een frequentie van 432 hertz, net als alle Oud-Egyptische en Oud-Griekse instrumenten.