In ancient mythology, the bee was considered the most sacred insect that was believed to be a messenger between our world and the spirit world and was honoured in ancient Indian, Near East and Aegean cultures for its profound magical properties and its association with ancient wisdom and purity. In ancient Greek and Minoan mythology, the winged goddess of bees was called “Melissa” (Greek word for “Bee”) and this name was also assigned to her priestesses. In ancient Egypt, bees were associated with royalty and power and born from the tears of the sun god Ra when they landed on the desert sand. The ruler of Lower Egypt was often referred as “He who belongs to the Bee” and one of the five royal names of pharaohs was the Sedge and Bee name referring to the Northern and Southern Lands of ancient Egypt.


According to scientific laws of aviation, the wings of a bee, especially a bumblebee, are too small to fly. However, by the way, they move their wings, they generate tiny vortexes in the air that lift them upwards. Bees and other flying insects produce audible and inaudible sound by rapidly moving their wings and therefore it would not be inconceivable that they make additional use of the concept of acoustic levitation through low-frequency sound waves and vibration inside their body and thus producing a standing wave with nodes and anti-nodes and of which the nodes or areas of minimum pressure form the basis of acoustic levitation. Modern scientists discovered a way of using sound waves to levitate small objects weighing a few grams.

Is this one of the profound magical sound properties of the bee and could this be the reason that the ancient megalithic Tarxien Temples of Malta, submerged in the soil, were possibly shaped like the body of the sacred bee and decorated with spirals representing the ancient symbol of sound and communication? Several ancient megalithic temples of Malta were equipped with sound chambers decorated with spirals and of which the structure resonates at the “Holy Resonance Frequency” of 111 hertz that played a major role in affecting the human brain thus resulting in a divine level of meditation through which they believed to get connected to the universe and their creator.

Tarxien Temples – Malta

Many ancient resonance chambers were specially built for this meditative purpose as well as healing through sound, which is basically based on the same principle of vibration underlying the foundation of existence.

©Willem Witteveen


Note: It was not possible to determine the resonance properties of the Tarxien temples as there is no roof present. However, experts in the field of archaeoacoustics discovered a low vibration originating from below the ground probably due to the movement of underground water and this vibration appears to be transmitted through the megalith’s concavities and holes (“Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology” – June 2016)