The ancient Egyptian two-finger amulets depict two stylised human fingers that are about life-size and were used exclusively for the dead. These amulets were often found placed on the embalming incision, which was made during the mummification process. They are always made of black materials like obsidian or other dark hard stones and occur only in burials of the Late Period ca. 664-332 BCE (Dynasty 26-30). It is thought that they represent the embalmer’s fingers and were magically meant to heal the wound before entering the Afterlife. The body of the deceased had to remain intact forever. The embalming incision was the most vulnerable part of the mummy through which bad influences might have entered the corpse. For this reason, it was important to give protection to this incision utilising this magical healing amulet. The two-finger amulet shows the index and middle finger, with the nails and joints clearly visible and can show both the fingers of the right and the left hand.

The Two-Finger Amulet – Dje Baui

The two stretched fingers were symbolical of help, assistance, and benediction but it was also considered to be an emblem of strength and power with the raising of the first two fingers as a sign of peace and good faith; the first finger as the indicator of divine will and justice and the second representing the Holy Spirit. The symbolism of extending the two fingers is still used today as a sign of ecclesiastical benediction or a modern sign for victory. Many depictions of Jesus Christ in portraits or sculptures are often with two fingers risen to indicate that we are saved and receive divine blessings. A fine example is the portrait of Jesus as ‘Salvator Mundi’ (Latin for ‘Saviour of the World’) painted by Leonardo da Vinci around 1500. One interpretation is that Jesus is making the sign of the cross with the first two fingers of his right hand, while holding a transparent non-refracting crystal orb in his left, representing the celestial sphere of the heavens. The sign of the cross as a sign of God’s divine blessing; protection, prosperity, and health.

On the right: Jesus Christ as ‘Salvator Mundi’ by Leonardo Da Vinci (ca. 1500)

The purpose of the two-finger amulet used in ancient Egypt was to heal and protect the damaged body before entering the afterlife. The ancient Egyptian name for the amulet of the two fingers is ‘Dje-Baui.’ During mummification, the chief embalmer, dressed as Osiris (God of Embalming) blessed the diseased while the priests were saying prayers to initiate the journey of the dead person into the Afterlife. According to the pyramid texts of Pepi, the amulet was placed loosely in the coffin or between the mummies wrapping as a symbol of the god Horus helping his father Osiris up the steep ladder leading to the heavens. Were the two-finger amulets meant to actually heal the wound magically or merely symbolic of an ancient physical method of healing? Little is known about this particular amulet and has never been physically depicted as an object or utensil in funeral rites, nor is it known to be associated with a hieroglyph. This makes this amulet all the more mysterious and raises the question of whether this amulet was so sacred that it could only have  been used by certain priests.

Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra is a sacred hand gesture or ‘seal,’ used during yoga and meditation practice as a means of channeling the flow of vital life force energy known as prana. Also referred to as the ‘life force seal’, Prana Mudra is specifically used to activate dormant energy within the subtle body, whilst balancing the elements of earth, water and fire within the physical body. It is a hasta mudra, which means it is performed using the hands.

Mudras are used within yoga and meditation practice as a means of moving, controlling and sealing prana within the body. Prana is a vital life force, present in all living things.

In yoga and Ayurveda, prana deficiency or imbalance is believed to be the root cause of illness and disease, and so maintaining healthy prana is essential for wellbeing – ©Yogapedia

Health benefits of Prana Mudra:

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Spiritual Health

    “Prana Mudra can be used therapeutically, as a means of Healing”

The Amita Buddha

This twenty-four-feet tall Amita Buddha is located in the 104th cave of the famous Longmen Grottoes in Henan Province. It is one of an estimated 100,000 statues of the Buddha and his disciples carved into the living rock of the 1,400 caves at Longmen, which date back nearly 2,000 years. The Amita Buddha was built during the reign of Li Zhi, also known as Emperor Gaozong of Tang, who ruled over northern China between 650 and 683 CE. By the time he took to the throne, excavations of the man-made caves at Longmen were well underway as a flourishing of Chinese Buddhism led to the proliferation of devotional art. Amita is Sanskrit for “infinite” and the Amita Buddha or Amida Buddha is the main Buddha or the “Buddha of the Infinite Light.” Amida Buddhism originated in China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.

Many of the stone Buddhas of Longmen are portrayed with their hands in several stylised gestures, known as Mudras, which have different meanings of themselves and in combination with others. The Amita Buddha “appears” to be posing with two fingers raised. According to archaeologists, this statue’s gesture is purely a coincidence and is the result of damage caused over the centuries. Isn’t it very coincidental that the same damage has occurred to both hands of the Buddha? 

The Amita Buddha is posing with both hands with two fingers raised, exactly like the Prana Mudra; healing both the Earth and its inhabitants.

According to Abd’el Hakim Awyan (1926-2008), archaeologist, Egyptologist, and wisdom keeper, there is a two-finger healing method that originated in ancient Egypt. In my opinion, the two-finger amulet as a symbol or tool of healing supports this claim. Nowadays, there is a hands-on healing technique using the same two fingers gently touching another person on the skin. This method of healing is called Bio-Touch and is a technique characterised by a light “butterfly-like” touch with the index and middle finger. It is a unique, holistic method to alleviate pain and stress and to support a person’s health by just touching certain points on another person’s skin with two fingers. Research shows that light touch with these two fingers on certain specific points of the human body promotes the human body’s own healing ability. Different methods of healing touch therapy using hands and fingers were already used by ancient Egyptian priests thousands of years ago.  

Abd’el Hakim Awyan (1926-2008)

It is a simple method that works on love and self-awareness, and the ability to learn Bio-Touch is not dependent on intellectual or spiritual capacity. It is taught through the federally approved International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics. Abd’el Hakim’s daughter, Shahrzad Awyan, had learnt Bio-Touch in Hawaii and is now a certified practitioner, teacher, and workshop facilitator of this method in Egypt and beyond. Only later did she discover through her father that this is an ancient Egyptian method of healing, which did not surprise her. For more information and workshops, Shahrzad Awyan can be contacted via Facebook and e-mail

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Shahrzad Awyan


“This healing technique was practiced in Egypt 7,000 years ago, but contemporary Egyptian authorities refuse to allow it, calling it witchcraft because of the miraculous results of the healing method. I introduced this method in two countries; the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. I’m happy the teachings are spreading. It offers humans a simple way to help themselves and others around them by triggering the self-healing capacity of the human body. It gives people a strong sense of power and self-worth in any situation by just touching. Everyone can make a difference, wherever they are. I see and experience around me the ‘Touch’ empowers whoever uses it, no matter who they are or where they are” – Shahrzad Awyan


Shahrzad Awyan – certified Egyptian practitioner of Bio-Touch

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Ancient Persian Empire

A frieze of guards at Persepolis (ancient Persia), the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550-330 BCE). It is striking that on many wall reliefs from this period, many different postures of the hands and fingers can be distinguished.  

King Darius I (Darius the Great 600-530 BCE) was the third Persian King of Kings of the Achaemenid Empire.

The Butterfly Touch

Dr Eva Reich (1924-2008)

Butterfly Touch Massage is a technique developed by Dr Eva Reich, born in 1924 as the first child of Wilhelm Reich and his wife Annie who were both psychoanalysts. She worked with alternative medicine, such as Bach Flower Remedies, Polarity, and psychosomatics, including bioenergetics. She began what is called the Baby Butterfly Touch massage. In her theory, following the theories of her father, the screaming of babies was due to the muscular tension and the light touch used here melt tension, heal trauma, and results in the life energy flowing from the core to the surface and beyond. Butterfly Touch Massage is a gentle form of light touch therapy with the  fingers of both hands that helps to relieve stress, expands life energy and promotes relaxation, healing, growth, and overall well-being. The Butterfly Touch Massage is helpful for people of all ages to restore the flow of energy and life force in the body. It works through a soft and delicate touch with mainly the index and middle fingers of both hands. Dr Eva Reich died in 2008.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques was discovered by the psychiatrist Dr Roger Callahan and was developed by Gary Craig in 1995.  EFT is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress and focuses on the meridian points to restore the balance of your body’s energy. Meridian points are areas of the human body where energy flows through and tapping with the index and middle fingers of both hands on these points helps you access your body’s energy. Stimulating the meridian points through EFT tapping can reduce stress and negative emotion. It is a revolutionary treatment method that offers healing from physical and emotional pain and disease. The method itself has its origins in ancient Eastern medicine and involves stimulating the acupuncture meridians while tapping on them with the fingertips of both hands.

Spiral-shaped Skin – Vibration

The spiral shape is the oldest and most sacred powerful geometric motif in nature used by the ancients for the concept of sound, vibration, and communication and can also be recognised on the tips of our fingers. Human fingertips are the most sensitive skin area and increase touch sensitivity due to mechanoreceptors or sensory receptors underneath the surface of the skin and the relief pattern on the fingertips that we call fingerprints. The sensory receptors underneath the surface of the skin, which are stimulated by moving the fingertips along a surface or a material, together with this unique relief pattern on the fingertips allow us, humans, to distinguish between a wide variety of different materials, structures, temperatures, and pressures but, we actually perceive different kinds of informative vibration transmitted to the brain, informative vibrations connected to the most sacred geometric motif used for the concept of sound and vibration: the spiral shape.

The sensors in our fingertips can even capture mechanical vibrations and energies at a distance, and I strongly believe that the spiral-shaped relief pattern on our fingertips is crucial to its function of transmitting and receiving information and energy through vibration. This exceptional and profound knowledge of our hands and fingertips has already been widely used in ancient (Egyptian) medicine and is now also being applied in so-called alternative medicine such as “palm healing” or “hands-on healing.” One of these methods is the ancient Egyptian two-finger healing technique symbolised by the ‘Dje-Baui’, the two-finger amulet.

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“In fact, all treatment methods using human hands and fingers are based on stimulating the human body’s own energy and strength by creating a subtle vibration in the skin that subsequently works throughout the entire body and brain, a vibration based on the resonance principle of the sacred spiral” – A divine legacy of the Ancients