Time capsule
It is the year 2160 CE in the Age of Aquarius and, finally, we have understood that a pyramid can produce hydrogen and thus electricity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way through the chemical and physical reaction process of purified water vapour and the Earth's own vibrational frequency, just as the predynastic ancient Egyptians show us through their ingenious pyramids in which this process took place step-by-step. This extraordinary method of energy generation based on the properties of water and resonance is now widely used.

The enormous importance of sound and resonance and their beneficial effects on damaged and diseased human body cells is a fact and is successfully applied worldwide in modern medicine and psychology. Our water is purified only through resonance caused by a natural or artificial vortex or by using a slightly radioactive natural rock, whereby the water molecules are vibrated when the water gradually flows over a particularly shaped slightly radioactive stone. Such a stone is, for example, the ancient mystical columnar Shiva Linga or Lingam from early Hinduism. In fact, all these sustainable processes are now being recognised, and we can leave behind a long period of controlled self-destruction. Ancient civilisations are our teachers and have contributed to the fact that spirituality and science finally merge. As expected, this has led to a fruitful collaboration in which respect for the Earth and everything on it is of the utmost importance. The key to the future lies in the distant past and fits the now accepted concept of circular time.

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