the harmony of sound

The values of the diameter of the Moon of 2,160 English statute miles and of the Sun of 864,000 statute miles are linked to musicology. The number 216 corresponds to 216 hertz as an octave of the natural attune of 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz, which is now regarded as the standard frequency of sound on which all tuning forks and musical instruments are tuned. Mid twentieth century, the 440-hertz frequency was internationally accepted as the standard musical, but unnatural keynote A. The more natural 432-hertz frequency complies with the harmonics of the universe and better suits human nature. When the A is equal to 432 hertz, then the musical note E is equal to 324 hertz with its ‘Great Octave’ being 81 hertz, the lowest E-tone playable on a musical instrument, and the fifth harmonic of the ‘Golden Frequency of Giza’ of 16.2 hertz. The relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon is based on the number 432 as a harmonious and universal constant. ‘Musica Universalis.’

The number 432 is a significant universal constant and the natural harmonic frequency of 432 hertz seems the only right choice as the standard frequency. All in perfect harmony with the universe and numerically related to the number 9, the ‘number of creation.’ All digits of these universal numbers always add up to 9 as if the number 9 is a means of control for the correctness of the specific number. This applies to all other frequencies when the natural standard frequency is 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz. The 432-hertz frequency is only 8 hertz down in frequency but a clear measurable difference in harmony, both audible and visible. The most precise musical instrument ever created is the original antique Stradivarius violin, designed to resonate at a frequency of 432 hertz, similar to all ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek instruments.

      440 hertz-tone
      432 hertz-tone


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The Nine Levels of Creation or Consciousness
Buddhism teaches us that there are nine levels of consciousness; a means of understanding human awareness and how we are connected to the world and the wider universe. According to ancient Mayan and Aztec mythology the underworld had nine different levels, ruled by a group of probably nine gods known as the 'lords of the underworld.' The Aztecs believed that the heavens were separated into thirteen levels, the thirteen heavens, and the Earth was made from the nine levels of the underworld. This aspect of nine levels in ancient Mayan and Aztec mythology was expressed through their most important pyramids. Is it acceptable to assume that their nine-levelled pyramids are a representation of the Earth similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt? The Great Pyramid of Giza is a 'scale model' of the Earth and also has nine levels of creation or consciousness, based on the nine mythological gods of creation known as the Ennead of Heliopolis, who together are representing the nine main celestial bodies in our solar system. Pyramids in general are representing an important aspect in ancient astronomy; they can be considered as the metaphorical blueprint of creation. The Great Pyramid is divided into nine levels of 16.2 metres in which 16.2 is similar to the 'Golden Frequency' of Giza of 16.2 hertz, the second harmonic of the Earth's Schumann Frequency for the latitude of Giza, being 8.1 hertz. 9 x 16.2 equals 18 x 8.1, numbers of which the individual digits should always add up to 9. According to scientific research, the universe is 13.77 billion years old, determined by two different methods: studying the oldest objects and the speed of expansion of the universe. The height of the top platform of the Great Pyramid is exactly 137.7 metres (8.5 x 16.2) above the pyramid's base which is the exact number as the age of the universe. Are the 'messages from the gods', which are hidden in these ancient stone monuments, addressed to us and does this mean that the existing universe could 'end' at an age of 14.58 billion years (9 x 16.2)? Is the missing top of the Great Pyramid an indication that we on Earth will never reach the ninth level of creation or consciousness in this universe? But maybe 'they' are telling us that there is a natural way of 'changing universe.' Is reaching the ninth level of creation or consciousness equal to 'changing universe'? - is 'changing universe' equal to Death, after which we travel to a parallel universe to complete a new cycle? Death and Birth, both 'activated' after reaching the 'Ninth Level.'
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