The Amphora - the "Egg of Life"
An ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman or Phoenician amphora is a shouldered, often ceramic jar with vertical handles of characteristic egg shape and size for the storage or transport of mainly liquids like water, wine or oil. According to the philosophy of Viktor Schauberger, the elongated egg shape is an obvious choice for storing precious "life-giving liquids." Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forest caretaker who spent most of his life researching the behaviour and subtle energies of water in nature; he was one of the first pioneers in the quantum physical study of nature's subtle energies. He treated water as a living entity and designed machines for transporting and storing water using the natural vortex movement, thus enabling the purification and vitalisation of the water based on implosion technology. The natural elongated egg shape in combination with warm sunlight induces a spiralling, cyclical and vitalising movement to keep liquids "alive." Amphora materials like stone, ceramic or terracotta protect the liquid from direct sunlight and heat but due to sunlight and heat the temperature of the liquid's outer shell increases, thus resulting in a natural spiralling movement of the liquid inside the amphora, a subtle vortex movement. An amphora filled with water and temporarily stored in direct sunlight actually causes a cooling and energising effect on the water. The egg symbolises the potential of life and back in ancient times, the egg was a symbol of the egg-shaped cosmos (Brahmanda in Sanskrit) and creation. The Cosmic Egg or World Egg symbolises a "beginning" in which a primordial being comes into existence out of the primordial waters of the Earth. In ancient Egypt, the egg was revered as the origin of the World where life came from the primordial egg; the Sun God Ra was born from the primordial egg and was considered the divine Creator, the Sun. The World Egg is often depicted as an egg with a serpent spiralling about it: the "Vortex of Life" or the "Egg of Life." All based on the energetic natural vortex movement for the purpose of vitalising and purifying ordinary water into healthy living water.
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